MC Digital Realty, Inc.

Toward opening of the Tokyo 2 Data Center (NRT10)

We announce that Digital Realty, Mitsubishi Corporation and MC Digital Realty have reached an agreement to acquire about 20,000 sqm land in Inzai-city, Chiba Prefecture to open Tokyo 2 Data Center (NRT10), which is going to be our 2nd data center in the Tokyo metropolitan area.
We plan to develop NRT10 as one of the largest data center in Japan with 36MW of total IT capacity. Data center development is expected to commence in 2020 after demolition of the existing building.

We will operate NRT10 as well as other data centers; Tokyo 1 Data Center (North Block and South Block), Osaka 1 Data Center and Osaka 2 Data Center. We continue to fully satisfy various needs of our customers.

Digital Realty Press release
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