Data centers are typically used over an extended period of time. MC Digital Realty supports the growth of your business as a provider of IT infrastructure that enables you to entrust your valuable data assets, and caters to your needs for future expansion.

We offer a growing range of services that enables us to fulfill diverse data center needs, from small-scale usage of a few racks to megawatt-scale usage and even leasing of entire data center buildings.

We also develop large-scale data centers in suburban areas comprised of multiple buildings in a campus-style format. By forming mutual network connections between buildings, we provide an environment in which you can expand the scale of your data center usage without the need to consider physical locations.


With our colocation services, we offer robust data center facilities and operational services to provide support for a diverse range of IT-related issues faced by businesses.

Our data centers are permanently staffed by on-site technicians, enabling us to respond flexibly and swiftly to your needs, including situations requiring an emergency response. We also work in accordance with authentication and compliance standards, and can also easily apply your company’s own specific compliance guidelines.

With our Remote Hands services, highly reliable power supplies and cooling equipment, physical security, and digital ecosystems comprised of telecommunications carriers, cloud providers and other service providers, we offer value that extends beyond that of the physical spaces that we provide.


Data Center Suites (POD Data Centers)

Using modular data center design (POD, Performance Optimized Datacenter), we provide the robust redundancy, power supply configurations and network connection architecture that your business requires. Digital Realty and Mitsubishi Corporation have operated data centers with 99.999% uptime. MC Digital Realty inherits that track record and operational expertise, and continues to provide first-rate data center services.

Powered Shells

MC Digital Realty leases entire data center buildings (or “powered shells”) equipped with power supplies and network connection environments. Site selection, land purchase, building designs, approvals and construction are all handled by MC Digital Realty (including Digital Realty trust and Mitsubishi Corporation Group), and our dedicated teams of design, construction and operations experts provide maximum support in the development of your exclusively occupied data center.

Connected Campus

MC Digital Realty develops large-scale data centers in suburban areas comprised of multiple buildings in a campus-style format. Each building is connected by a network, enabling you to make use of data center resources without the need to consider the physical distances between data halls. We also provide flexible combinations of connection configurations to match your needs with regard to connections between data centers, and with external networks.

We support the development of IT infrastructure to meet a diverse range of needs in terms of space, power supply and networking, without restriction to the growth of your business; whether your requirement is for a small-scale setup with several racks or a large, megawatt-scale system, and for both domestic and global expansions.

We will also sequentially introduce and provide private/closed network cloud-oriented architectures, and connection architectures for Internet exchanges and telecommunications carriers, which will enable enhanced network security and improved connection speeds to match your needs.

& Compliance


In order to defend your valuable data assets, data centers are required to protect against theft, vandalism, natural disasters, man-made catastrophes, accidental damage and other accidents. This requires physical security as well as technological support.

Our data center facilities make use of a full array of security tools including mantraps, access control systems and surveillance systems to make certain that your data assets are protected from unexpected incidents or criminal activity. Digital Realty utilizes global security standards in order to meet the challenging security requirements of both public and private enterprises.


MC Digital Realty data centers support the following types of authentication (with the exception of some parts of our Mitaka Data Center.)

  • Service Organization Controls 2 (SOC 2)
  • PCI-DSS (PCI Data Security Standard)
  • ISO 9001: Quality Management
  • ISO 27001: Information Security Management
  • ISO 14001: Environmental Management
  • ISO 50001: Energy Management
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